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Pneumonia Remedies

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Pneumonia refers to the swelling in the lungs and the one of the most serious infectious disease. This respiratory condition caused by a bacterial or viral infection. The severity of this condition depends on the physical health of the patient and the quality of care and treatment he gets in the initial stages of the disease.

Pneumonia Signs and Symptoms

Shivering, nausea, difficulty in breathing along with sharp soreness in the chest muscles are the common symptoms of pneumonia. There may be coughing with pinkish sputum, which might later grow to be brownish. In young children, the sickness may cause delirium and also convulsions. The body temperature may well rise above 40.6 degree Celsius and the heart beat may go up to 150 per minute. Another severe complication associated with pneumonia is pleurisy.

Natural home remedies for Pneumonia

1. Garlic: It is a marvellous treatment for pneumonia. It reduces the fever and normalizes heart rate and breathing within 48 hrs. It can also be used externally around the chest, since it is a anti-bacterial and rubefacient.

2. Fenugreek: Tea made from fenugreek seeds will help your body to produce moisture, dispel toxins, and reduce fever. Up to four servings of this tea can be consumed daily. To further improve the flavour of the tea, add few drops of lemon juice. With this treatment, few other food as well as nourishment needs to be taken.

3. Sesame seeds: A sesame seeds infusion can be made simply by soaking 15 seeds in 250 ml of water and mixed with 1 tbsp of linseed, a touch of typical salt, along with a tbsp of honey. This infusion should be consumed to treat pneumonia. This will help eliminate catarrhal matter along with phlegm from the bronchial pipes.

4. Vegetable juice: Vegetable juice involving carrots, mixed with either using spinach veggie juice, or beet and also cucumber juice, is found valuable in pneumonia. In these combos, 200 ml of green spinach juice and 100 cc each of beet as well as cucumber juices should be mixed with 300 ml of carrot juice to get 500 ml of mixed juice.

5. Turpentine Oil: This oil eliminates the pain in the chest and should be rubbed on the ribs regularly. Wrap the chest with natural cotton wool to increase the effect.

6. Well-balanced diet: A diet involving natural meals with emphasis on fruits and veggies and natural vegetables must be consumed by the patient.

7. Parsnip Juice: Fresh parsnip juice is very valuable in treating pneumonia. The juice from the leaves and roots has proven highly beneficial. It is rich in phosphorous and chlorine minerals which are especially beneficial for lungs and the bronchial system. The individual should consume 250 cc of this juice daily.

The patient should stay in a comfortable and well-ventilated room. However, make sure that the patient does not come in contact with direct cold wind or low temperatures, as it will be make the condition worse.