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Kidney Stones Remedies

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Kidney stones are small crystallized particles found in the urine bladder. The problem of kidney stones arises due to crystallization of specific chemicals in urine.

There are two of renal stones - uric acid renal stones and calcium stones. Even though, most kidney stones are quite small and are washed out of the urine bladder through urethra with urine, many times some of them grow bigger over time and cause problems.

Kidney stones normally cause extreme pain while trying to go down the urethra from the bladder. Other signs, of renal stones really are a frequent need to urinate, painful urination, scanty urine, nausea, sweating and also chills. The patient can also pass bloodstream with the urine.

Home remedy for Kidney Stones

1. Kidney beans: Also known as dried French beans or Rajmah, kidney beans are usually regarded as an effective home remedy for kidney troubles, including renal stones. Slowly boil 60 gm of beans in 1 lt. of water for six hours. Strain the beans and drink the water every two hours for one whole day and afterwards it may be reduced to several times per week. To strain the beans, put them in a muslin cloth and hang over a pot to ensure all the enzymes of kidney beans are extracted. Let the water cool for 8 hours, after which it will be ready to drink after straining once again.

2. Avoid high protein diet: Take a low-protein diet, restricting it to 1g/kg of foods and also drink up to 3 litres or more of fluids everyday to avoid kidney stones.

3. Basil: Basil provides strength to the kidneys. 1 tsp each of basil juice along with honey must be taken every day for 6 months. It has been discovered that stones are expelled much quickly and easily through the urinary system by this treatment method.

4. Watermelon: Watermelon provides the highest quantity of water among all fresh fruits. It is also abundant with potassium. Hence, it helps wash kidney stones out of the body.

5. Celery: Celery is highly beneficial if you're prone to get kidney stones. It is also helpful to cure gall-bladder stones. Its regular intake prevents stone formation in the body.

6. Grapes: This fruit has outstanding diuretic value because of their higher water and potassium content. It's an excellent remedy for renal stones.

7. Vitamin B6: A daily dose of 100 to 150 mg of vitamin B6, with other B complex vitamins should be taken for several months to ensure long term cure of kidney stones.

8. Pomegranate seed extract: 1 tbs of the seed ground in to a fine paste can be consumed with a mug of horse gram (kulthi) soups to break the stones.

9. Balanced diet: Avoid alcoholic beverages, condiments, pickles, cucumber and radish. One must avoid food items which aggravate the liver to control level of acidity or alkalinity in the urine; such as, tomato, green spinach, rhubarb. Vegetable with a powerful aroma including asparagus, red onion, beans, cabbage, along with cauliflower; meat along with gravies and aerated drinks should also be avoided.

10. Apples: Apples are of helpful in easy elimination of stones.

Kidney stones are quite common and they often go unnoticed until a big stone starts giving trouble to the patient. Talk to your doctor if you feel sudden, shooting pain on the side of your abdomen or above the crotch area.