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Flatulence Remedies

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Flatulence, also known as excessive abdominal gas, is annoying and embarrassing. While some of it is natural, there is a point where it is excessive and painful. It also causes the stomach to swell as the gas is trapped within the colon; which is also known as bloating. There are several common causes of this which include lactose intolerance, stress, allergies, eating certain foods, overeating, and eating with mouth open or swallowed air. There are many things that you can do to assist with flatulence and bloating. There are some basic items, such as changing your eating and exercising habits. There are other natural remedies that help with flatulence and bloating once it occurs. Let’s take a look at both of these situations in order to help you get rid of your flatulence.

1. Try to become aware of swallowing air while eating, chewing gum or just in general. Take time to focus on breathing habits to make sure that you’re not unnecessarily swallowing air.

2. If you swallow air when you are stressed, try some relaxation and breathing techniques.

3. Try not to lie down after you eat. It’s easier for your system to produce gas in the intestines in this position.

4. Avoid meals that contain a lot of fat if possible. If you have to eat a meal with lots of protein, try to chew the food carefully to break it down. Don’t take large bites.

5. Avoid other foods that cause flatulence such as beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, bread and cheese.

6. Stay away from carbonated drinks as they also cause flatulence.

7. Eat smaller meals rather than eating a large meal. This will allow time for the food to break down in your body.

8. Exercise regularly to keep the intestinal muscles in proper shape.

9. Yoga is another way to help the body relive some digestive problems. There are several poses within Yoga that are specifically meant to assist with flatulence, bloating and gas.

10. A quick remedy, to help relieve gas, is to take the juice out of a garlic clove and ginger. Mix those items in some room temperature water and then drink right.

11. Another mixture to drink when you have flatulence is baking soda mixed in with water. Also, add the juice of one lemon and salt. Drink this mixture after it is mixed up.

12. If neither of those other two mixtures works, try to take some turmeric powder and blend it in water. You can add lemon, salt and pepper to turmeric water. This mixture assists with proper digestion.

13. After a meal, to cut down on flatulence, chew on a piece of ginger which has been soaked in lime juice. This will limit the gas from the foods you ate.

14. Or after a meal, try honey mixed with just a drop of dill oil.

15. You can also try a little drop of peppermint. Peppermint is beneficial in several ways, other than making your breath fresh! It helps digestion but too much can cause acid reflux. Therefore, be careful with how much you take at a time.

16. Caraway seeds are proven to get rid of gas, while seeds are not always appetizing, there are caraway-seed crackers that can be eaten and enjoyed.

17. If you have to eat beans, ensure that they are well cooked. It has been noted that under cooked beans are more likely to cause flatulence than properly cooked beans.

18. Pumpkin is one food that is appropriate for gas and bloating. Try it cooked, broiled, steamed, baked or even as pumpkin soup.

19. Another food that is helpful, for flatulence is yogurt. It is known to help the digestive system. When trying to find a yogurt to eat, ensure that it contains the bacteria acidophilus as that is the main ingredient that helps with the digestive system.

20. You can also look within your spice cabinet to see if you have cloves as they are known to relieve gas. There are many ways you can use these cloves. Try putting some on pears or apples when baking for dessert. You can also take a few cloves and add to your rice prior to cooking. If you prefer, you can put a few cloves in boiling water, steep for ten minutes, sweeten and enjoy.

Flatulence, or gas, is embarrassing and annoying. Thankfully, there are many easy ways to add with digestion and prevent flatulence from occurring.