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Blurred Vision - Home Remedies

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Have you ever felt that the objects lying at a distance are not as clear to you as they used to be? Is the content on your TV screen or computer monitor looking blurred? This can also be a sign of Blurred Vision.

Blurred vision can be caused by nearsightedness, infections and inflammation of the eye, abnormal activities, tumor, trauma and putting on of wrong spectacles. It is advisable to seek medical help in case of any changes in your vision.

Remedies for Blurred vision

The following are some of the remedies that can be effective in treating the condition:

1. Eat Organic and Raw Fruits and Vegetables: These provide a great remedy for blurred vision by improving the diet of the patient. The diet should consist fruits like oranges, apples, peaches and plums, green vegetables; spinach, lettuce and cabbages. You can also include dairy products, root vegetables, cereals in moderated amounts and whole meal bread.

2. Vitamin A: It is the most essential vitamin needed for good vision and should be consumed on a daily basis. Vitamin A gives vital strength to our vision and ensures that the entire visionary system stays intact. Sources of this vitamin include vegetables such as spinaches, peas, lettuces and soya beans, dairy products such as cream of milk, cheese, butter, milk and fruits like oranges and dates. It can also be provided in form of supplements.

3. Chicory juice: It provides adequate vitamin A, important for good vision and treatment of blurred. It can be taken by mixing it with carrot, celery and chicory juices on a daily basis as it nourishes the optic nerves and muscle system of the eye. Consuming half a liter to one liter of this mixture daily has been observed to improve the vision of patients of blurred vision. The required proportions to make half a liter of this mixture is carrot juice 200ml, celery juice 150ml, 75ml chicory juice and parsley juice 75ml.

4. Sun Gazing: Staying in direct sunshine and looking at greenery is a great exercise for your vision. It keeps your eyes healthy and makes your vision sharper. You should do this early morning to take advantage of fresh air and milder sun rays.

5. Liquorices: Taking a mixture prepared from ½ a spoon of liquorice, ½ a spoon of honey and clarified butter with milk on a daily basis is an effective treatment for myopia or nearsightedness. Most cases of blurred vision are due to myopia, which makes the objects look blurred from a distance.

6. Splashing: It involves splashing cold water over your eyes while closed and rubbing the eyelids briefly in gentle circulation motions with finger tips. This helps to increase the blood supply to the eyes.

It is better to prevent blurred vision than curing it. Therefore, try to adopt the above mentioned remedies even if you have perfect vision. If you have extremely blurred vision, then seeing an optometrist is extremely necessary.